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Welcome to Lions’ Gate executive search.


A business is only as successful as the talent they hire, and getting the right employees are a vital part to any successful organisation. At the same time, talented professionals need to find the best fit for their career goals, in order to maximise their potential.

At Lions’ Gate, we make it our mission to connect these goals together, putting the best talent with opportunities that see synergies for long-lasting growth.


To do this, we spend time thoroughly understanding both organisations and individuals in order to ensure that the search is successful. Our years of experience working with sectors such as IT, energy and hospitality have enabled us to pinpoint the right candidates for each client. We also take time with talented individuals to find the best fit for them. Regardless of industry or position, Lions’ Gate can meet the talent requirements of businesses, and career objectives of professionals.

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Finance &
Real Estate
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Media & Technology
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Industry 06
Shipping & Freight Forwarding
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